Hello, I'm Michael Mihalka and this is my home page. This page is under construction. It will contain links to my family and several of my unfortunately many hobbies. Come back soon!!

This is the emperor Zeno. I collect ancient coins and I won this coin at an auction recently. When I get it I will take a photo in color as this coin is a gold solidus.

I am currently trying to collect all of the Gordian III's currently listed in David Sear, Roman Coins and their values, 4th revised edition. Follow the link below to the current status of the collection. If you have some of the coins I lack please contact me.

Link to Gordian III collection

I also collect Septimius Severus. My collection of Septimus Severus can be found here.

I also have a beautiful granddaughter, Erin. Her page can be found at:
Link to Erin's page

I also collect antique weapons and had suit of armor made for me when I was in Prague.

Another hobby I have is building robots. To see my work on robots using Lego Mindstorms go here.

I have also been working on some pneumatic robots lately using fischertechnik. I am trying to use the electric valves with the Lego sets. To see this work go here.

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