This is the beginnings of my collection on coins originating in Alexandria. The collection will try to be as complete as possible on the major rulers. As money and time permit I will also try to have as complete a collection of reverse types.

Of particular interest is the collection of Gordian III. Although by no means complete, many of the major reverse types for this ruler are shown here.




S457         hd of Augustus r./AEGYPTO CAPTO crocodile r.

Although not from Egypt, this comtemporary fake of Octavian has an Egyptian theme.

Dichalkon RPC 5016, Cop 18 crocodile r., lettering around club (?) RPC 5023 hd of Augustus r./headdress of Isis Livia Dichalkon RPC 5086, D106 hd of Livia r./two corn and two poppies yr 4 of Tiberius Claudius Billon Tetradrachma Antonia -- Geissen 62 Messalina - Geissen 75 Messalina reverse with lituus - Geissen 76 Diobol Hippotomus -- Geissen 71, Cop 66 Milne 74 Laurel hd r./bull butting r., year 2 Cop 81, Milne --- Laurel hd r./eagle stg. r., yr. 12 Milne 127 Hd. of Agrippina r./ Bust of Euthenia r. Obol milne 115 Laurel hd r./clasped hands, yr. 10 Nero Billon Tetradrachma Roma std l., yr.6 -- Geissen 126 hd of Poppea r., yr. 10 -- milne 217-221 Eagle facing l., yr. 11 -- Geissen 167 hd of Alexandria r., yr 12 -- Geissen 172 Galley under sail r., yr.13 -- Milne 273 Galba Billon Tetradrachma Kratesis stg l, date unreadable Kratesis stg l, yr. 1 -- Geissen 222 Hd of Eirene r, yr. 2 -- Milne 327 Kratesis stg l, yr. 2 -- Geissen 236 Eleutheria stg l, yr. 2 -- Geissen 232 Otho hd of Alexandria r. -- Milne 368 Vitellius Nike adv l. -- Milne 372 Vespasian Diobol Isus hd r., Yr 3 -- RPC 2430 Titus Billon Tetradrachma Homonoia std l. -- Milne 459 Serapis facing right -- Geissen 319, Milne 456 Later coins Gordian III