GIC -- AE26 Demeter stg. l. holding torch Another version -- different obverse and reverse dies COP -- AE27 Tetrastyle temple, Artemis within COP -- AE25 Demeter stg. l. COP --, BMC 44 AE27 City-gate BMC 44, COP -- AE26 City-gate COP AE25 Serapis stg. l. BMC 29 AE25 Apollo stg. l. COP -- AE25 Apollo std. l. COP AE27 Athena with patera and spear, shield before COP AE26 Hera stg. l. SNG COP 573 Laurel hd/Hermes 574 "/Sol Cop 574 AE25 ADRIANO R OLEITON , Sol standing left, holding whip 575 "/Apollo shooting COP 575 AE 28 Apollo adv. r. 576 "/Tyche (?) with sceptre Note this reverse has a rudder 577 "/Herakles and Hydra(?) 578 "/Zeus std l. COP 578 AE25 Zeus std. l. 579 "/Tyche COP 579 AE26 Tyche stg l. holding cornucopiae and patera This example shows quite different dies both obverse and reverse Compare this example which shows Tyche (Homonoia) without a modius 580 "/Asclepius 581 "/river god 582 "/Nemesis (patera and bridle, wheel to left) COP 582 AE28 Nemesis stg l. 583 "/Nemesis (patera and sceptre, wheel to left) 584 "/Athena (shield and spear) COP 584 AE27 Athena with spear and shield 585 "/Aequitas 586 "/Aequitas--Nemesis (wheel to left) 587 "/Tyche sacrificing 588 "/Nike 589 "/coiled serpent COP 589 AE25 Coiled serpent 590 "/tetrastyle temple, Tyche within COP 590 AE27 Four columned temple, Tyche within 591 radiate hd/Fortuna COP --, Jurukova 445 AE30 Athena stg facing hd r. (medallion?) COP -- AE27 Ceres(? -- sayles attribution) stg. l. Jurukova -- (V227/R -) AE26 Demeter in snake-drawn biga Jurukova S.230,642(V270/R 616) AE26 Hercules stg r., Bull behind Mionnett Supp. II, pg. 335,801; Lindgren II 787 AE26 Emperor riding right COP -- City gate, note four openings AE25 (9.1g 12) COP -- Coiled serpent AE25 (8.1g 5) COP -- Diana holding torch left AE26 (8.5g 2) COP -- Kybele riding lion left AE25 (8.6g 6) COP -- Artemis stg left, left hand holds bow, right patera AE26 (11.8g 6) COP -- Artemis stg left, left hand draws arrow, right holds bow AE26 (9.7g 6) COP -- Zeus std l., eagle at feet AE24 (7.8g 6) COP -- Nike stg. l. AE25 (11.0g 12)

AE 16 Jurukova Ostrich r. Hadrianopolis37

AE 30 Jurukova Helios driving biga of serpents r. Hadrianopolis38

AE 23 Jurukova Dionysus riding r. on panther Hadrianopolis39

AE 24 --- river god reclining Hadrianopolis40

AE 25 --- Hercules stg left with apples and club Hadrianopolis41

AE 25 9.46g --- Hermes stg l. Hadrianopolis42

AE 20 6.05 --- Rad hd. r./Hermes stg l. Hadrianopolis43

AE 27 10.74g --- Hygieia stg. r. Hadrianopolis44

AE 25 9.92g --- Tyche std. l. Hadrianopolis45

AE 26 8.46g --- Helios driving biga of serpents r. Hadrianopolis46

AE 18 Tripod with snake Hadrianopolis47

AE 25 Athena stg. r. Hadrianopolis48

Ae 21 Hermes stg l. Hadrianopolis49

Ae 26 Four-col temple, Zeus std l. Hadrianopolis50

Ae 25 Zeus stg. r. Hadrianopolis51

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