GIC 3647v, COP -- AE 27 Zeus seated lt., holding a patera and a sceptre, an eagle stands before


COP 252 AE29 MARKIANOPOLITWN Eagle stg. facing, hd r., holding thunderbolt Marcianopolis2

GIC 3647v, COP -- AE 25 Tyche stg. l. holding rudder, cornucopia Marcianopolis3

COP --- AE27 Hygieia stg. right and feeding serpent held in her arms Marcianopolis4

COP --- AE27 Tyche stg. l. Marcianopolis5

COP --- AE26 Homonoia (Concordia) stg. l. Marcianopolis6

COP --- AE26 Athena stg. l. Marcianopolis7

COP 244v AE26 Homonoia (Concordia) stg. l., sacrificing Marcianopolis8

COP AE26 Ares stg. l. Marcianopolis9

COP AE26 Triptolemus right in biga led ny serpents Marcianopolis10

COP --, Pick I 1151 Nude Hercules stg facing AE24 (15.19 g) Marcianopolis11

COP 256 Nike adv. left AE26 (12.2g) Marcianopolis12

COP 251 AE26 Male figure(discousi) stg. by horse Marcianopolis10

Pick AMNG pg. 317, 1172 AE26 Zeus enthroned left Marcianopolis14

Pick --, COP -- AE22 The three Graces stg together Marcianopolis10

COP -- Nemesis stg. l., holding scales, wheel at feet AE26 (11.3g 6)

COP -- Giii and Serapis confronting/Gordian sacrificing left AE28 (13.8g 6)

COP -- Giii and Serapis confronting/Demeter stg. left AE27 (10.9g 12) COP -- Giii and Tranquillina confronting/Dikaiosyne stg. left AE27 (10.1g 12) COP -- Giii and Tranquillina confronting/Athena stg. left AE27 (12.3g 7) COP -- Zeus std. l., no eagle at feet AE27 (12.2g 12) COP -- Athena stg. l. AE25 (11.7g 12) COP -- Athena std. l. AE24 (9.3g 5) COP -- Hygieia stg l. AE26 (11.9g 12) COP -- Homonoia stg. l. AE27 (11.2g 6)

AE 27 --- Zeus std left Marcianopolis26

AE 27 13.88g --- Kybele std left Marcianopolis27

AE 27 13.66g --- Tyche stg left Marcianopolis28

AE 27 11.89g --- Nemesis holding scales left Marcianopolis29

AE 27 14.14g --- Nemesis holding scales left Marcianopolis30

AE 26 11.79g --- Tyche stg. left Marcianopolis31

AE 26 10.41g AMNG 1088 Demeter stg. left Marcianopolis32

AE 18 2.76g AMNG 1118 Tyche stg. left Marcianopolis33

AE 17 2.65g -- Concordia stg. left Marcianopolis34

AE 25 8.49g AMNG 1090 Apollo stg r. Marcianopolis35

AE 26 Apollo stg. r. Marcianopolis36

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