Gordian III by RIC numbers, first and second issues, 1-33

First issue, July 238 -- July 239

RSC 086, S2434, RIC 1 FIDES MILITVM, Fides stg. L., holding standard and transverse sceptre RSC 105, S2436, RIC 2 IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg. half-left, before small figure of G-III stg. l. RSC 173, RIC 3 PAX AVGVSTI, Pax stg. half-l. RSC 302, S2458, RIC 4 PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia stg. half-l., holding globe and transverse sceptre RSC 357, S2464, RIC 5 VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv. l. RSC 381, S2465, RIC 6 VIRTVS AVG, Virtus standing left leaning on shield holding spear

Second issue, July 239 to end of year

RSC 205, RIC 15 PMTRPIICOSPP, Fides stg.left,holding standard and sceptre RSC 189, S2446, RIC 16 PMTRPIICOSPP, Jupiter to left holding thunderbolt and spear, small figure of Gordian III at feet RSC 203, RIC 17 PMTRPIICOSPP, Pax stg l. RSC 196, RIC 18 PMTRPIICOSPP, Providence stg. l. RSC 199, RIC 19 PMTRPIICOSPP, Victory advancing lt., holding a wreath and a palm RSC 194, RIC 20 PMTRPIICOSPP, Virtus stg. l [note doublestrike] RIC 27 (170?) PMTRPIICOSIIPP, Jupiter std l., eagle at feet RIC 30 PMTRPIICOSPP, Serapis stg l. This is not a fouree, the brown deposits are on the coin!