Gordian III Sestertius Page 2

S2492, RIC 319a	PAX AETERNA SC, Pax running left holding branch and sceptre


RIC 264a         PM TRP II COS PP, Roma std. l.

RIC 271         PM TRP II COS PP, Ruler sacrificing l

RIC 291         PM TRP II COS PP, Ruler sacrificing l

S2497, RIC 294a PMTRPIIICOSPP SC, Gordian std l. on curule chair

RIC 305a        PMTRPIIICOSIIPP SC, Gordian stg r.

RIC 302a        PMTRPIIIICOSIIPPS C, Apollo std l., holding branch

S2499, RIC 306a	PMTRPIIIICOSIIPP SC, Gordian stg. R.
S2500, RIC 303a  PMTRPVCOSIIPP SC, Apollo std l. holding branch

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