Cicilia, Tarsos

Ziegler 758 (this coin?)
SNG Lev. 1141v. SNGParis 1664v. AE36 Lion on Zebu r. 20.3g

Ziegler 779 AE 35 Artemis stg. r. 19.33g

COP -- AE35 Lion on Zebu r. note the difference in the obverse between this coin and the one above 21.73g

Ziegler MK 77 AE 35 Apollo stg. l., holding laurel branch 22.58g

COP 386, v. Aulock 6054 AE 35 Selene with biga of bulls r. 20.04

COP 387 AE37 head of the city right 23.2g

AE 35 -- Hermes stg l. 25.15g Tarsos7

AE 34 Levante 1124 Nike adv. l., on globe 22.30g Tarsos8

AE 33 22.39g SNG Aulock 6050 Herakles leaning on club, to left serpent in tree Tarsos9

SNG Paris 1660 Ae 36 Athena stg. facing, hd l. 25.24g Tarsos10

Cilicia, Tarsos cf. Aulock 6029 Ae 35 (20.84g) Gordian sacrificing left Tarsos11

SNG Cop 398 Ae 36 (28.76g) Athena stg., hd l. Tarsos12

Ae 36 (30.35g) Diakysone stg l. Tarsos13

Ziegler 782, SNG Paris 1645 (stgl) AE 38 (23.7g) Gordian and Tranquillina Tarsos14

Ziegler 779, SNG Paris 1685 (stgl) AE 36 (28.1g) Artemis stg front, head r. Tarsos15

Levante 1123 (stgl), vAul 6737 AE 31 (15.1g) Nike stg l. Tarsos16

Levante 1143-44 AE 36 (24.2g) Tyche Poleos std l. and holding two Temple models Tarsos17

SNG Paris 1671-2 Slene with biga of Zebus Tarsos18

SNG Paris 1716-1717v Ae 35 (26.7g) Perseus stg front Tarsos19